We offer high quality polymer and wood plastic composite deck boards.

Polymer deck boards

The polymer deck boards range includes Premium Excel and Premium ECO deck boards. The boards are made of 100% polymer with a high grade thermoplastic cap layer ensuring exceptional weatherability, and are 100% recyclable. All the boards are 180mm wide and 35mm thick.

Polymer decking in Driftwood colour

Polymer decking in Stone colour

Premium Excel polymer boards are manufactured using multi-colour processing technology resulting in beautiful colour variations with natural effect streaks. Dual woodgrain pattering (a unique combination of prominent woodgrain pattern and a background stipple pattern) enhances the appearance and provides excellent slip resistance qualities. These boards are available in Tawny, Antique Oak, Woodland Green, Stone and Driftwood colours.

Premium Excel Deck Boards Driftwood

Premium Excel Deck Board Tawny

Premium Excel Deck Boards Woodland Green

Premium Excel Deck Board Stone

Premium Excel Deck Boards Antique Oak

Premium Excel Deck Boards Woodland Green, Antique Oak, Stone, Tawny, and Driftwood

Polymer decking in grey Driftwood colour

Premium ECO polymer boards are manufactured with the same cap layer and dual wood pattering but in single modern colours giving a clean contemporary appearance that will match or contrast the house. Available in Cream and Beige colours as standard, and White colour as an option.

Polymer decking in Beige colour 

Premium ECO Deck Board Cream

Premium ECO Deck Board Beige

Premium ECO Deck Boards Beige and Cream

The heavy tongue and groove feature of both ranges ensures the decking is extremely strong and durable, and allows the boards to be fitted with a 2-5mm gap disguising all the fittings from view and creating a seamless elegant finish.

All the boards are manufactured with the integral fixing system that enables the secure fixing of the deck boards to sub-frame joists and ensures no clips are visible between the boards.

Advantages of the polymer deck boards:

  • do not rot

  • water resistant

  • stain resistant

  • weather resistant

  • slip resistant

  • do not need preservative treatment, painting or staining

  • long lasting performance

  • low maintenance 

  • fire safe

  • will not support the growth of fungus, lichen and algae

  • 100% recyclable

Wood plastic composite deck boards 

Wood plastic composite deck boards are made of 60% wood and 40% polymer mix. The boards are strong and robust and can be fitted either side up using suitable fixings. Composite materials are more rot-resistant than timber. They will lose some colour over exposure to sunlight, but it should result in the appearing of a lighter and more natural shade of the original colour after the first six months.

Wood plastic composite deck boards are available in Cedar and Charcoal colours.

Wood plastic composite decking in Charcoal colour

Composite materials will crack if they are not allowed to expand. Therefore, it is essential to consider the thermal expansion and contraction while cutting and fitting boards.

Further requirements should be met:

  • a durable sub-frame with maximum joist centres of 400mm,

  • loosely fixed fixing clips,

  • 5mm clearance at both ends of the boards, and

  • allow +/- 2mm movement per meter. To avoid the excessive gaping of longer lengths, cutting shorter lengths up to 2440mm is recommended.

Wood plastic composite decking in Cedar colour

Wood plastic composite deck board in Cedar colour

Wood plastic composite deck boards woodgrain side
Wood plastic composite deck boards Cedar colour settlement after first six months

Wood plastic composite deck boards ending angel 40mm x 40mm Charcoal and Cedar

Wood plastic composite deck board in Charcoal colour

Wood plastic composite deck boards lined side
Wood plastic composite deck board Charcoal colour settlement after first six months

Wood plastic composite deck board fixing clip

Metal galvanised sub-frame

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