Apollo Trade Window Store Oxford is the main approved stockist of high quality low maintenance upvc Freefoam Freeflow gutter, downpipes, rainwater goods and all matching fittings in Oxfordshire. We have the biggest selection and largest stocks in our warehouse, and boast two deliveries per week from Freefoam ensuring endless supplies to the local tradesmen and DIY customers.

Save yourself time by ordering your gutters and downpipes in advance by phone or email, and we will prepare your order so it's ready for you to pick up. Delivery options are available.

We always have in stock:

Black Round 
Black Square 
Black Deepflow
Black Ogee
White Round 
White Square
White Deepflow
Brown Round 
Brown Square
Anthracite Grey Round
Anthracite Grey Deepflow
Brown Deepflow
White Ogee
Black Cast Iron Lookalike

Free delivery across Oxfordshire


Freeflow/ Freefoam

FRD608 Internal Stop End Deepflow
FRD609 Fascia Bracket Deepflow
FRD607 External Stop End Deepflow
FRD605 Running Outlet Deepflow 
FRD604 135 deg Bend Deepflow
FRD603 90 deg Bend Deepflow 
FRD602 Union Deepflow 
Anthracite Grey Deepflow Gutter 
Black Deepflow Gutter 
FDG400 Downpipe Deepflow


Freeflow/ Freefoam

FRO608 Internal Stop End Ogee Gutter
FRO609 Fascia Bracket Ogee Gutter
FRO607 External Stop End Ogee Gutter
FRO605 Running Outlet Ogee Gutter
FRO606 Stop End Outlet Ogee Gutter
FRO603 90 deg Bend Ogee Gutter
FR0604 135 deg Bend Ogee Gutter
FRO602 Union Ogee Gutter
FRO601 150 deg Bend Ogee Gutter
FOG400 Ogee Gutter


Freeflow/ Freefoam

FRS611 Square to Round Adaptor Round Gutter
FRR609 Fascia Bracket Round Gutter
FRR608 Internal Stop End Round Gutter
FRR606 Stop End Outlet Round Gutter
FRR607 External Stop End Round Gutter
FRR605 Running Outlet Round Gutter
FRR604 135 deg Bend Round Gutter
FRR602 Union Joiner Round Gutter 
FRR601 150 deg Bend Round Gutter
FRR603 90 deg Bend Round Gutter
FRG400 Round Gutter 


Freeflow/ Freefoam

FRR533 Inspection Rodding Access Round Downpipe 
FRR532 Plinth Swan Neck 
Round Downpipe
FRR530 Hopper Round Downpipe
FRR529 Y Branch Round Downpipe
FRR529 Y Branch Round Downpipe
FRR525 Straight Joiner Socket  Round Downpipe
FRR527 112 deg Offset Round Downpipe 
FRR524 90 deg Bend Round Downpipe
FRR526 Standoff Wall Clip Bracket Round Downpipe
2.75 metres Round Downpipe
5.5 metres Round Downpipe 
FRR536 Wall Clip Bracket Round Downpipe 


Freeflow/ Freefoam

Square to Round Adaptor Gutter Square Line 
FRS611 Union Freeflow Square Line Gutter
FRS606 Stop End Outlet Freeflow Square Line Gutter
FRS608 Internal Stop End Freeflow Square Line Gutter
FRS602 Union Freeflow Square Line Gutter
FRS603 90 deg Bend Freeflow Square Line Gutter
FRS609 Fascia Bracket Freeflow Square Line Gutter
FRS607 External Stop End Freeflow Square Line Gutter
FRS605 Running Outlet Freeflow Square Line Gutter
FRS601 150 deg Bend Freeflow Square Line Gutter
FRS604 135 deg Bend Freeflow Square Line Gutter
FSG400 Gutter Freeflow Square Line


Freeflow/ Freefoam

FRS533 Access Inspection Socket Square Downpipe
FRS531 Square to Round Adaptor Square Downpipe
FRS532 Plinth Swan Neck Square Downpipe
FRS529 Y Branch Square Downpipe
FRS527 112 Deg Offset Bend Square Downpipe
FRS528 Shoe Square Downpipe
FRS524 90 Deg Square Downpipe
FRS525 Straight Socket Joiner Square Downpipe
2.75 Metres Downpipe Square Pipe
FRS526 Stand Off Wall Clip Square Downpipe
5.5 Metres Downpipe Square Pipe
FRS532 Plinth Swan Neck Square Downpipe

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